It would be great if employees dare to say what they think, what they feel, what they want to do, and what they want to achieve.

It would be great if the employee participation and the members of the supervisory board also dare and do that.

It would be even better if managers would like to hear that.

So, if everyone wants to receive and give feedback and reflect on it, then we will get there together.


That is my area of ​​work. That's how I approach and guide it as a confidential advisor, consultant, trainer, mediator, interim HR professional, or supervisor.


Through my years of work at various large companies, I know that change will only occur in small steps.

I can help with that. I quickly identify what's going on and have the courage to tell you in a way that you can work with it.


This is what I can do for you

Member of your board of Supervisors
Specialist in works councils (employee participation)
- Trainer and consultant for the (European) Works Council
- Trainer and consultant for the management

Confidential counselor
- We create policies together
- I serve as an external confidential counselor for your company
- Internal confidential counselors, HR departments, and managers use me as a sparring partner.

Member of a complaints committee
Investigation of undesirable behavior
Sparring partner for you or one of your colleagues
Sparring partner for your HR department; available for consultation remotely
Interim HR assignments

Policies ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) make and implement

I am a 'Portfolio worker.'

This means that I work for different organizations at the same time, in various roles. So, never full-time and with a combination of paid and unpaid work. I do enjoy working with an organization for a longer period, as that's when my added value increases, and I can stay involved from a distance.