Applicable law for the trust counselor

Occupational Health and Safety Act: The work performed within the organization must not have adverse effects on the safety and health of the employees. The organization is obliged to develop and implement occupational health and safety policies. Every employee in an organization with 25 or more employees has a legal right to a trust counselor.

Whistleblower Protection Act (January 24, 2023) mandates companies with more than 50 employees to have an internal reporting channel for ethical violations and misconduct and to protect whistleblowers (policy after consent with the Works Council or Staff Representation or half of the employees).

The numbers

The figures have remained largely unchanged for years.

Every year, around 16% of the Dutch working population experiences inappropriate behaviour in the workplace, such as bullying and harassment from colleagues and supervisors.

Furthermore, a significant 23% reports inappropriate behaviour by third parties: customers, students, passengers, patients.

Do the math for your company or department.

Applicable law for the workscounsil

A Dutch Works Council is established when the organization has more than 50 persons employed in the enterprise (this includes employees on contract as well as long-term temps).

An European Works Council is established when the organization has more than 1,000 employees in Europe and operates in more than 2 countries with more than 150 employees each.